About Fryskes

Fryskes are the most elegant clogs, inspired and handmade in Friesland, a nothern province of The Netherlands. When you figure Friesland, you can see the horizon. The feeling of space forces itself upon you. Light has free play, and delivers every season the most exuberant colors.

The glossy jet black Friesian horses, the charcoal of the IJsselmeer lake during storms, the green of the grass fields, the crimson skies in the autumn and the steel-blue sky with bright white buttermilk clouds in summer. The landscape with its clean lines, perspective and framing leaves nothing uncovered.

Friesland is with all its icons and traditions an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The carvings, pottery, period rooms, Hinderlooper paint style, eleven skate tour cities and authentic clogs. Traditional Frisian clogs have a different shape. The hood is low cut and replaced by a leather strap that enhances comfort. They were called Frisian learkes. At festivities people wore exuberant painted wooden shoes. To show off, yes, because the Fries love beautiful things.

The clogs of Fryskes are as sober as the landscape, culture and people of this region. After having followed trainings as traditional shoemaking, Industrial Footwear Design and have gained experience as a designer for various shoe manufacturers, we decided to start our own brand. We make everything in Friesland, from design to packaging, with our two pairs of hands. An exclusive product to be proud of.

Made with love, Maryline & Marcel

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